Decade Recap

Knowing yourself and your limits is one of the most important aspects of living an honest life. For me, I decided to prioritize my needs and my work even when it came as a shock to others. After college, I moved back to Santa Fe and promptly deleted all of my social media accounts, got rid of my cell phone, and in many aspects chose to hide out and develop my skills without distraction. While I had many friends and family members who felt I “disappeared,” the truth is I was finally discovering myself and my possibilities.

I have been developing my art for over ten years now, but have been very cautious when sharing what I’ve created. In part, because I didn’t need to, I was able to share and sell work in person at various events or through one-on-one connections. However, I also wanted privacy and to avoid the judgment or expectations of others, positive or negative.

Our lives are constantly on display as artists. More so, our thoughts, dreams, and interpretations of the world around us. I needed the time for myself to hone my craft and rise to a level I was proud of. While social media is entertaining and can provide inspiration for many, I have a tendency to compare myself to others and to become deflated by seeing the latest trends. I needed to be completely removed from these addictive agents. I have no interest in replicating work that is popular at a certain time, and I feared if I continued to follow the latest trends I would unknowingly let my ideas be influenced. This was just what was best for me. I know others don’t have these same experiences and that is again why I believe it is so important to know ourselves.

Coming “into the light” after so many years and showing what I have created is like a musician releasing their music after a decade without putting out an album. Growing up in the artist’s world, I know how quickly someone can get famous and then how just as quickly they become forgotten. I want longevity. I want the opportunity to be able to go back and make my “old stuff” as well as create new pieces, fail, and succeed without it being tracked. I know this may seem counterintuitive to some, and may not be the most lucrative business plan, but it is the most honest way I know how to approach my art and my life.

I am ready to hone new skills and pursue other avenues of art such as painting, poetry, writing, and performance art. While I begin this new chapter, I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces from over the decade and give them their light before I move on to my goals for the next.