Trump Warfare and Environmental Degradation

There is meaning in pictures and the words that follow are fumed by the flames that rage between man's utter disregard for nature. I have long been a proponent of understanding and respect for the gifts this world has given us in the form of natural beauty. Whether the Grand Canyon, Chaco Canyon, or our National forests, my knowledge of concepts has only been strengthened by my Environmental Science degree that I received from Dartmouth College in 2010. Since then, I have been trained to receive and protect my birthright by numerous southwest artists and village minds that have embodied a complex knowledge of their animal dances and ceremonial rituals to preserve natural cycles of balance. As the flames of an old prophecy are lit, I have been signaled to come back down from my Mountain and amass the global strength to create the largest army of sustainable revolutionaries that choose to fight for the living. Old birds die and new eagles must ascend and uplift the last colors of the sky. The red will turn to green. And I will be the first American to tell you, 'YOU will never make Peace with the Gods of War."

(i.e. The business approach and lack of lightened constraints on the environmental protection have led me to a reactionary pivot to aid to the global community for harsher policing of endangered species, overpopulation, and resource extraction. I believe in the implementation native solutions and new technologies and I have outlined my ideas for the past decade to make environmental approaches more feasible. I believe myself to be a ward of Nature, a gate keeper and watcher, a stone personified as a guardia, a stone lion of Cochiti, and a brown eagle of Santa Ana, and a blue lake from Taos).