The Power of Color

Amphibians and Colorful Serpents- Adapting to the surrounding color or theme in your life is crucial. It is a key survival mechanism for many species. Finding the right color to blend into your surroundings. It is a unique adaptive process of evolving into growth. If we choose to see colors in all their varieties we open ourselves up to greater meaning in life. We come from these pools of water and they bleed from one pool to another as we find meaning. If color is a reflection of light diffusing into your eye we must capture that fraction of light that permeate the soul and makes a strong vibration of emotion resonate. All language is a metaphor and the colors we use to suspend or create our reality is what humans must attain as a species into the future. When we start to see the subtleties, we are hitting fractions of emotion. We want to see the meaning of color in your piece and connect with that moment.